Upper Weardale Way Trail and Short Walks


Weardale Walking Guidebook
Upper Weardale Way Walking Guide

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  1. Frontispiece
  2. Contents & Credits
  3. Introduction to Weardale
  4. Photogallery of Weardale
  5. Introduction to the Walk
  6. How to use this Guide
  7. Notes
  8. Walk 01: Bishop's Park at Auckland Castle
    2 miles
  9. Walk 02: Bishop Auckland - Witton Park - High Grange - Hunwick - Bishop Auckland
    9 miles
  10. Walk 03: Witton-le-Wear - Witton Park - Witton-le-Wear
  11. Walk 04: Witton-le-Wear - Low Harperley - Hamsterley - Witton-le-Wear
    9 miles
  12. Walk 05: Wolsingham - Low Harperley - Wolsingham
    7 miles
  13. Walk 06: Wolsingham - White Kirkley - Sunnyside Edge - Wolsingham
    9 miles
  14. Walk 07: Stanhope - Bollihope Common - Hill End - Stanhope
    9 miles, 7 miles
  15. Walk 08: Stanhope - Eastgate - Stanhope
    7 miles
  16. Walk 09: Westgate - Eastgate - Stotfield Burn - Westgate
    9 miles
  17. Walk 10: Westgate - Ponderlane Bridge - Middlehope Burn - Westgate
    5 miles
  18. Walk 11: Cowshill - St. John's Chapel - Cowshill
  19. Walk 12: Cowshill - Killhope - Allenheads - Cowshill
  20. 9miles
  21. Walking and Safety


This Upper Weardale Way publication features the more rural and more beautiful countryside surrounding the western part of the linear, 73 miles, Weardale Way long-distance footpath.

This walking guide contains excellent route maps with linked route descriptions, plus some excellent photographs along the Way.

We decided to produce an original publication that followed the well-established format of our other publications and applied it to the route identified on both Ordnance Survey maps and on the ground. The result is this highly individual walking guidebook that is the companion publication to our 'Wear Valley Trail' long-distance footpath publication, both of which have been launched at the same time.

Living in Weardale, we are not only aware of the magnificent scenery, history and heritage of Upper Weardale, but also that it is a resource that has so far been under-exploited. Rural economies are struggling and that of Upper Weardale is no exception, so we are supporting the development of sustainable tourism, whilst at the same time, providing the enjoyment of discovery or rediscovery for those visitors who will come to Upper Weardale as a result of our publications.

The 'Upper Weardale Way' differs from other related publications in that it provides a selection of twelve 'circular' routes for the convenience of the majority of walkers who will travel to their starting point by car and prefer to follow a 'loop' walk rather than a 'there & back' walk along the same linear route.

Starting at Bishop Auckland, the twelve circular routes extend up the valley of the River Wear to reach Cowshill and the Killhope Lead Mining Centre. However, throughout each of these 'twelve' circular walks, our actual route of the Weardale Way can be easily identified as it is highlighted in a different colour within each detailed route description. The result is that should anyone wish to walk the linear route of the Upper Weardale in its entirety, then they will be able to follow its route progressively throughout each of the twelve individual walks featured.

Alternatively, if some people only wish to follow the linear route of the Weardale Way, but complete it in individual sections over a period of time, then this is also easy to follow within the guide - although arrangements for using public transport or being dropped off or picked up by friends will have to be made beforehand.


ISBN 0-86309-194-6
50 internal pages printed on 150GSM matt artpaper + 4 page cover printed on 350GSM gloss artboard.
Printed full colour throughout. Gloss laminated outer cover. Wiro bound.
Over 40 colour photographs. 200mm high x 140mm wide approx.
Printed in England.
Recommended retail price: £4.99
Walked and written by: DOROTHY GIBSON

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